• Servo - CNC Tower Punching
  • Servo - CNC Tower Punching
  • Servo - CNC Tower Punching

Servo - CNC Tower Punching

Servo - CNC Tower Punching Machine

Description du produit

Servo CNC turret punching machine is mechatronics automation equipment, it's widely used in the chassis cabinets processing, air conditioners, refrigerators, solar plate, kitchen equipment, instruments and meters, electric control cabinets, building decorative materials, auto parts, silencing plate, lamps, and other sheet metal processing industries.

Servo - CNC Tower poinçon

Transmission mode/Servo
Punch forceKN300
Power ratingKW20
Processing sheet sizemm2500*1250
Processing sheet thicknessmm≤6
Max. Punch diametermmØ88.9
Sheet moving speedm/min40
Punching frequencyhpm1600
Hole accuracymm±0.1
Number of stations in turretNo.16/24/32
Turret speedrpm30
Controlled axisNo.3/4
Rotating locationNo.0/2
Air pressureMpa≥0.8
Outline Dimensionmm4490*5300*2110
Machine WeightT11

Machine Introduction

Principales caractéristiques mécaniques:

Siemens, Allemagne 808d;

Yaskawa & Siemens Servo Motor;

Bien connu des systèmes hydrauliques nationaux;

Amada standard 80 mm d 'épaisseur des tours d' artillerie en fonte à encre sphérique;

Internationa Ball Screw & Linear Guide;

International Electric element;

Machine de soudage de tôles d 'acier



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