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Aug. 18, 2020

The three main Squeeze Molding Machine are introduced.The types are: 1. Press 2. Shock machine 3. Sand Slingers.

Type 1. Extrusion molding machine

How the extruding machine works: Fix the template on the machine bench, and then put the sand box in place.Place the sand frame on the flask and fill both with sand in a hopper.

Next, the machine table moves up to squeeze the mortar between the formwork and the fixed squeeze head.The squeeze head goes into the sand frame and compacts the sand so that it is flush with the edge of the flask.These machines grind the mould with harder sand on the back and softer on the surface of the pattern.The press is very useful for light patterns.

Type 2. Vibration machine:

The working principle of the vibration molding machine: it can be seen that the compressed air enters the pressure cylinder through the hose to lift the sand-filled plunger and flask to a certain height, where no side hole is found to discharge the compressed air.

The plunger then falls and hits the stationary guide cylinder.The shock wave produced by each successive shock helps to fill or tamp the molding sand in the flask.

Type 3, Sand Slingers:

The working principle of the sand throwing machine: it can be seen that the sand is fed into the shell with impeller, which rotates rapidly around the horizontal axis.

The sand is picked up by a rotating blade and sprayed at high speed through the opening onto the pattern in the flask.This type of machine can be used to mold sand in flasks of any size, whether it is a mass production mold or a single mold.

Some machines, such as the bump extruder, use a combination of the two main types of working principles. No matter what type of molding machine is used, special machines are used to pull the pattern out of the mold.

Basically, these machines do this by flipping the flask (along with the mold) up and down, and then lifting the mold out of the mold.

Squeeze Molding Machine

Squeeze Molding Machine

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