How the Shot Blasting Machine Works?

Aug. 26, 2020

No shot peening, no technology that any metal industry owner could use. Shot blast equipment is used in almost all industries that use metals, such as aerospace, construction, automobiles, foundry, railways, shipbuilding, and so on.It is used for cleaning, strengthening (also known as shot peening) or polishing metal surfaces.

 Blasting Equipment

 Blasting Equipment

Blasting technology has become an indispensable aspect in metal construction and steel structure industry.This sandblasting technology provides some major benefits for the protection and maintenance of steel and metal products.Before you take a look at what shot blasting machines can do, let's take a look at some of the advantages that make this technology an important part of the metal industry, as follows:

Advantages of shot blasting cleaning

Corrosion removal: This is the preferred technique for removing all forms of corrosion and corrosive material from metal and steel surfaces without reducing product strength or affecting its substrate.Typical etchants formed on the surface are:

  • Rust

  • Chemical stain

  • Mill scale

  • Fading or peeling paint

  • Heat treatment scale

Surface preparation: Painting is by far the most effective and efficient method of preparing metal surfaces prior to painting or coating processes.It has very high sandblast pattern accuracy and has very strong adhesive force between the sandblast surface and the protective coating.This technique helps to uncover defects and errors of any kind.It also increases the service life and durability of any future coatings.

Environmental reasons: This sandblasting technology is one of the few that offers environmentally friendly options for removing corrosion and preparing surfaces:

  • This process USES abrasives only to clean the surface of the metal product

  • No chemicals are used in the whole process.

  • It is not going to use an acid at any point in the process.

  • The only thing that needs to be removed is the physical particles.

  • A powerful vacuum and dust collection system blows away all dust from sandblasted steel or medium.

  • The process also provides the freedom and convenience of recycling materials used in the process.

The technique used in the shot blasting machine

Blasting equipment involves the use of two technologies:

  • Grinding wheel blasting (gas-free shot blasting) technology

  • Air blasting (pneumatic shot peening/pneumatic shot peening)

Shot blasting machine

After accumulating rich knowledge in the process of shot blasting, let's understand the working principle of its shot blasting device:

The shot blasting machine USES a mechanical method to push the abrasive through a centrifugal wheel to remove a layer of surface and impurities on the surface of metal and steel products.There are three basic objectives that require sandblasting prior to product completion:

  • Clean and descaling surfaces

  • The adhesion of the coating is enhanced by adding texture to the surface of the metal product

  • Effectively reduce maintenance costs by extending coating life

The machine is used to remove unwanted corrosion and metal waste from the finished product's surface.This is done to make the surface even and smooth, so as to obtain a better finish after painting or other applications.The process can also be used for cleaning rust, surface roughness and further processing.

The shot blasting machine is used to clean the rough edges of different parts of the car or any other shaped parts with sharp surfaces and uneven surfaces.The blasting process is extremely important, but the question is how does the blasting machine work properly?

Machine work

As part of this sandblasting technique, a controlled abrasive shot blast flow is pushed to the metal or steel surface where shot blasting is required.There is a wind wheel at the center of the machine.When the wheel begins to spin, the metal abrasive or shot blasting medium guides towards its center.From this position, the abrasive is accelerated and thrown in the direction of the surface ready for finishing.

When this process is complete, the contaminants and media bounce back into the separation system containing the dust collection system.As the name suggests, a dust collector collects or removes powdery media, pollutants, or dust.The remaining medium is recovered by returning it to the storage hopper where the particles can be retained for future use.

Types of shot blasting methods

The most common abrasive used in sandblasting is sand, which is why the process is most often called sandblasting. Bed cleaning, there are many other materials can also be used for blasting shock. .Some of these materials are glass beads, garnet, olivine, and cold iron.Garnet and chill materials are very rough and abrasive in nature and therefore cannot be used for sandblasting of soft materials.Glass beads and olivine are most commonly used for polishing purposes.These can be easily used in rubber, glass, metal and plastic materials.

When it comes to blowing up different materials, safety is Paramount

The technology of shot blasting has brought many benefits to the industry, but sadly, the workers or professionals responsible for carrying out this process must seriously consider safety issues.The reason for this is that these professionals often encounter a number of dangerous situations while blasting different surfaces.Dust particles in the air can cause health problems and therefore require proper protection.Some of the hazards are:

  • Dust can cause health problems, such as respiratory diseases, which can eventually seriously damage the body.

  • Metal dust can also cause serious health problems because metals such as lead, manganese and calcium can be highly toxic when inhaled.

Therefore, it is advisable to leave shot blasting to trained specialists who understand the required safety measures and wear the correct type of safety pliers, such as protective clothing, masks and shoes.It is strongly recommended that the media injection process be handled under medical supervision. All workers need to protect not only their eyes and bodies, but also their hearing or ears.They must wear leather leggings, aprons and gloves at all times while handling shot blasting.Despite such safety concerns, the metal industry is grateful for its advantages over other conventional techniques for preparing and finishing surfaces. The technology does not require the use of harsh chemicals, and a variety of abrasives can be selected to achieve different results.Sandblasting can be done indoors as well as outdoors.

An important factor in ensuring excellent results is the choice of a reliable manufacturer for shot peening machines or other industrial equipment.One such reliable manufacturer is Qingdao MSL International Trade Co., Ltd., founded in 2010, which is a leading trader, supplier and exporter of metal balls and related machinery and equipment.Their quality, design, updated technology and timely service have enabled the manufacturer to become an industry leader with unparalleled efficiency, exceeding customer expectations every time they deliver a product.





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